LED Medicine Cabinet

LED Medicine Cabinet – Everything You Need to Know About Them In 2022!

Medicine cabinets are perfect for storing medication, toiletries, and other products. These are super functional and even help to elevate the look of your bathroom.

If you are interested in getting one, it’ll be wise to go for an LED medicine cabinet. These are very beautiful and most of them come with a lot of additional subjects that help to make your life so much easier.

But how do you pick one that will ensure a good fit for your bathroom? Well, to help you with that, we’ll go over everything you need to know about LED medicine cabinets. And by the end of the article, you will have a clear idea about everything.

What to Consider?

Most people get confused when they go to select an led lighted medicine cabinet for their place. The main reason for that is that it’s not a very common thing you see out there. So, buying one, you should definitely spend some time doing research on medicine cabinets.

Let’s check out a few of the things you need to consider before you put your money on the table for a medicine cabinet with lights.

01. Shape and Size

The first thing you need to consider in a medicine cabinet is the shape and width. The best way to deal with this is to take a tape and sort the measurements of your space beforehand. That way you’ll get a good idea of what will fit best in the place you’ll set your medicine cabinet.

For the shape, you can pick from a whole sort of options such as rectangular, oval, circle, and so on and so forth. Just enter with whatever feels the best and easy illumination along with the number of shelves.

Also, consider getting a mid-sized width lighted medicine cabinet with an outlet for the best results. That’s because they are less bulky, and will keep the structural integrity of your place. With size, you can easily mess up the look by going for an oversized one. So, be careful about it, and consider a smaller toiletries cabinet up in your place.

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Rectangular Oval


Triangle Medicine Cabinet Rectangular Lighted Medicine Cabinet Oval LED Medicine Cabinet Round Sliding Mirror LED Medicine Cabinet
Triangle Medicine Cabinet

24 Inch Triangle

Rectangular Lighted Medicine Cabinet

48×32 Rectangular

Oval LED Medicine Cabinet

24X16 Inch

Round Sliding Mirror

Lighted  Medicine Cabinet

02. Mirror or Mirrorless

Before you spend your money on a cabinet, it’s a good thing to consider whether you want one with a mirror or mirrorless. You can go for a cabinet with multiple mirrors or a beautiful narrow medicine cabinet with white frame details.

For modern design, going for a cabinet that has mirrors makes more sense. That’s because you get more use out of these cabinets. Not to mention, a 3 mirrored medicine cabinet looks amazing compared to a cabinet with no mirrors. There are many brands to choose from as well.

However, if you are planning to install the cabinet somewhere else than the bathroom, then you might want to go for the mirrorless option. Because it looks odd if you put mirrors in random places, and it can hamper the aesthetics of your house interior.

Yet, both types of cabinets have some cool designs that you can install in your house. Make sure to check out some of them before you decide to opt for a cabinet. You might find a white medicine cabinet with mirrors and lights that you like more than a mirrorless one.

03. Design, Color, Finish

These are the things that influence how the whole item looks after installation. If you can get these right, the medicine cabinet will blend and connect with your place seamlessly, which is amazing.

First of all, choose the design that you want to go for. It can be a standard one, or even a triple mirror medicine cabinet as well. Just go for whatever you feel will suit the place and create more convenience.

After that, the color part is also important. Try to avoid any fancy colors, signs, and patterns, as these are not good in most cases. Going for silver, white, etc color will always be the better option here as they brighten your place and add depth.

For the finish, you should give more attention to it after selecting a cabinet. This is what will make it connect with your place better than anything else. And all three combined, you’ll be able to pick the best LED medicine cabinet for your place in no time.

 Triview Medicine Cabinets Narrow Medicine Cabinet White Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

LED Tri-View Medicine Cabinet LED Narrow Medicine Cabinet

LED White Medicine Cabinet

LED Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet
LED Tri-View Medicine Cabinet

60 Inch X 36 Inch

LED Narrow Medicine Cabinet

70 x 16 x 4.12 inches

LED White Medicine Cabinet

24 x 30 x 5 inches

LED Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet

25 Inch

04. Mirror Parts

This is another important thing that you need to focus on when you go to buy an LED medicine cabinet for your place. There are a lot of different types of cabinets available out there such as tri view medicine cabinets.

So, you need to consider if they are functional enough for your taste, and that’ll help you to decide if you should spend your money on the tri view medicine cabinet or not. While they can be something fancy to look at, these are certainly not for everybody.

If you go out on the market, you are going to see a couple of cabinets with a single door. They work as a pivot giving the user access to the interior space. But the issue with this type of cabinet is that it’s a tall narrow medicine cabinet. And it’s not that easy to work with as well.

Then, there are cabinets with double doors. Now, these are probably the most impressive types of cabinets you can find out there. The design, the ease of use, everything falls under the right type and some of the best medicine cabinets you’ll find out there is this one.

Finally, we have the 3 door medicine cabinet, which is a pretty interesting design. It might not be as popular as the ones with 2 doors, but these are perfect for better organization and better aesthetics as well.

So, you can see how these vary from one other. The 1 door cabinets are nothing like tri-fold medicine cabinets. So, take that in mind whenever you go out to buy a cabinet, and it’ll help you get a better deal.

05. Recessed vs. Surface Mount

Back in the day, you’d only see surface mount medicine cabinets. These stick out from the wall with their storage. But now, you see all kinds of cabinets that are using the recessed installation. That’s a way sleeker approach to send the whole thing to a new level, and it has more style.

In both cases, you can find so many brands with different designs available with wall shelves and many more. Three mirror medicine cabinet is getting pretty popular as well. However, when you opt for choosing a wall medicine cabinet, it’s better to consider how much space you are willing to give it for keeping it organized.

For a surface mount, it’s obviously going to take a lot of space. So, if you are planning to install a cabinet in a place that’s already pretty small, then you should go for a lighting narrow recessed medicine cabinet.

60 Inch Medicine Cabinet

Corner Medicine Cabinet

Espresso Medicine Cabinets

RV Medicine Cabinet

60 Inch Medicine Cabinet Corner Medicine Cabinet Espresso Medicine Cabinets RV Medicine Cabinet

Lighted Medicine Cabinet

60in x 30in x 5in Depth

Corner Mirror Medicine Cabinet

17.75″ W x 10.75″ D x 30.75″ H

Espresso Space Saver Medicine Cabinet

23.62 x 8.27 x 24.21 inches

RV Mirror Medicine Cabinet

4.75 x 16 x 26 inches

06. Brightness And Color Temperature

As we are talking about an led mirror medicine cabinet, it won’t be fair to leave out the brightness and color temperature settings behind. For that, you should always check the power of the LED lights provided in the specification area.

Also, it’s a good idea to check if the brightness is adjustable as this feature comes in handy a lot. The same goes for color temperature settings as well. Good quality medicine cabinet lights styles will be able to provide you with good customizability, which you can switch one lighting mode to the previous page instantly.

07. Storage Space

Let’s not get carried away with all the modern technologies and advanced specs and focus on the basics for a moment. The storage space is a very important component of lighted medicine cabinets, and that’ll determine how much stuff you can put there.

Also, going for light storage styles that are too massive for your place is not a good idea either. That’s going to look very unproportionate and sloppy, which you don’t want to happen. Also, you can get more space in the interior by going for a bigger width and sized medicine cabinet rather than a wider one.

So, it’s always the best idea to check the storage space and other services even in pictures before you choose to spend a few hundred bucks on a lighted mirrored medicine cabinet.

08. Number of Shelves

This is something you should check before going for medicine cabinets. For instance, if you get a gorgeous-looking white medicine cabinet with four lights and three mirrors but no shelves inside, it’s not the best option. It might look great, but you can’t really keep your stuff organized inside it.

Also, some might have way too many shelves for your taste. So, make sure to check it before spending a few hundred dollars for it, even if it’s a narrow medicine cabinet surface mount. You really don’t want to go for a random one as it can bring pain to deal with in the future.

Kohler Medicine Cabinet

Modern Medicine Cabinets

Large Medicine Cabinet

Small Medicine Cabinet

Kohler Medicine Cabinet Modern Medicine Cabinets Large Medicine Cabinet Small Medicine Cabinet

KOHLER K-99011-TL-NA Verdera

40 Inch x 30

Blossom LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

30 Inch  x 32

Medicine Cabinet with Magnifying Mirror

40 Inch x 30

Frameless Medicine Cabinet

16 Inch x 20

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09. Build Quality 

The materials used in the construction of a medicine cabinet play a huge role in telling you about its longevity. It’s not the best decision to put your money on a cabinet that’ll not last you even a few months. So, it’s critical to check the materials that are used to make the medicine cabinet.

It’s always good to go for a good build quality especially when it comes to choosing a lighted medicine cabinet with an electrical outlet for your place. It’ll be super annoying to deal with any defective wiring or LED bulbs, and you don’t want that to happen often. That’s why it’s a far better option to spend a few bucks extra to get something that’ll last you longer without making any trouble.

10. Additional Features

As you are getting lighted medicine cabinets, it’s always a good idea to check the additional features. Some of the extra features are just amazing and help to make your life so much easier.

For instance, some of the medicine cabinets you find out there come with a built-in defogger. And if you install this in your bathroom, it can come in handy in so many different scenarios and improve your life. There are a lot of other styles of features you can find as well, which helps to bring you a better experience with the lighted surface mounts medicine cabinet.

It’s definitely worth taking a date out and spend some time to check the additional features of lighted medicine cabinets, and it’ll give you a better deal for your money without any doubt as they vary from model to model.

11. Price

The last, which probably should be the first thing we are going to talk about is the price range. Well, when it comes to getting a medicine cabinet mirror, you get what you pay for. There’s no doubt that the more you spend on such a product, the better the quality you get.

However, that is no excuse to put all of your money to get the most expensive cabinet available out there. You really don’t need to spend 10 grand for a drawer sign lighted medicine cabinets, which is undoubtedly too much.

Be sure to check out some deals, and that’ll be a smart move that can save you a lot of money. You might get a white medicine cabinet with gold lights that you like very much. And the beautiful thing about buying online is that you can get a discounted deal as well.


Question 1: Where should I put the medicine cabinet?

Answer: As most people tend to put their medical cabinets in their bathroom, you can certainly do the same. You can put all the medicines and other essentials there, and the mirror makes it perfect placement in a bathroom.

However, you must take note that some medicines are strongly recommended to be stored in dry places only for bug contact issues. And as the bathroom has moisture in it, you must avoid putting such medications there. But for most cases, it’s undoubtedly a great place to put your medicine cabinets with lights and mirrors there.

Question 2: Are medicine cabinets really out of style today?

Answer: With the new designs and technologies, the medicine cabinets are very far from being out of style. Rather, it’s a perfect solution that can help to elevate the look of a place instantaneously. Also, a modern medicine cabinet white with lights comes with so many different features that don’t only make them stylish but super functional as well.

Technologies like anti-fog, LED lightings, and so on make it a very aesthetically appealing part of your place as well. So, before you think of medicine cabinets from a shop being out of style, you should really think about all these.

Question 3: Can I replace the mirror on my bathroom medicine cabinet with lights?

Answer: It’s certainly possible to replace the mirror on your close frame cabinet products, and it’s not that difficult a job as well. Just get the correct measurements, and order a new piece of mirror to replace it. Then you can either put it by yourself or hire a professional to do it.

It’s recommended that you hire an expert to do this job for obvious reasons. But if you have previous experience and or if you are confident enough to do it all by yourself, then you can go for it by all means as well.

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To Wrap Up

You just went through all about an LED medicine cabinet and what to consider while buying one for your bathroom. Following the guide will help you pick a perfect cabinet for your place, and you’ll get the best use out of it as well.

There are a lot of gorgeously aesthetic options to choose from, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on them. So, don’t think that medicine cabinets are out of the league, and go for a decent one. You’ll definitely start to love it in no time.

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