Krugg LED Medicine Cabinets Recessed

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinets Recessed

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinets Recessed

led medicine cabinet

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About this item

  • LED Backlit Mirror With Cabinet: The mirror features cabinets that open with three mirrored doors opening towards left, left, and right. The extreme right and extreme left cabinets are lighted.
  • Wall Mount Dressing Mirror: The LED bathroom mirror can be installed on the bathroom or dressing room walls. The dimensions of this vanity mirror are 66″ X 36″.
  • Defogger and USB Outlet: The vanity mirror features an innovative defogger pad behind the mirror and also features electrical and USB outlets for your convenience.
  • On/Off Sensor Dimmer: The LED bathroom mirror allows easy control of light levels with memory functionality. Dimming the light saves up to 98% of energy.
  • Perfect Color Rendering: Krugg Mirrors only uses lights with a CRI of 90 or higher, excellent at color rendering and making it suitable for makeup.

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