DECADOM LED Double Medicine Cabinet

DECADOM LED Double Medicine Cabinet

DECADOM LED Double Medicine Cabinet

led medicine cabinet

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About this items

  • ETL Certified Residential & Commercial, Recessed or Surface Mount Led Medicine Cabinet with Anodized Anti Corrosion Aluminum, Silver Mirror Copper-Free.
  • New Integrated Digital Clock v2.0 with the option to Display 12hr or 24hr also includes Room Temperature Display C°/ F° of your choosing.
  • Light Setting Auto Memory Will Remember Your Favorite Preset.
  • Three Color LED Dimmable Task Lights with Touch Screen Buttons
  • Color Temperature Adjustments Range from 2.500K – 6.500K using Cri 90.
  • LED Bulbs that output from 70 lumens up to 1950 Lumens to 2281 Lumens depending on your cabinet style and size.
  • LED Interior Light with Auto Door Sensor automatically turns ON or OFF light internally when you open and close your cabinet doors.
  • Defogging Full Mirror will allow you to enjoy the Largest Heat Plate available to you on the market.
  • LED Cosmetic Mirror 3x Magnification helps you see this much clearer with a closeup.
  • Concealed Finger Door Open makes it much easier to open, and close cabinet doors.
  • Dual Outlet – Dual USB Ports give you a great option to connect your electrical items & quickly change things on the go.
  • 8 mm Thick, Clear, and Pure of any Color Tempered Glass Shelves are snapped into Concealed & Adjustable Shelve Clips.
  • Mirrored Front and Back Doors together with Interior Back walls to see yourself from every angle possible.
  • Blum Hinges 170° open swing with Soft Close provides excellent control for your cabinet door adjustability.
  • P 44 & IP 65.4 Rated construction and design make this cabinet Dust-tight & Watertight for longer-lasting use.
  • Easy OFF Removable Side Mirrors allows you to make Recessed Installation much quickly and efficiently.
  • Complete Installation Kit included, and all our cabinet models are with a 2-year warranty.

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