LED Narrow Medicine Cabinet

Cabidor Delux Narrow Medicine Cabinet

LED Narrow Medicine Cabinet

led medicine cabinet

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About this item


A slim yet tall cabinet enables you to gain a tremendous amount of storage in a space that would otherwise be wasted behind almost any standard door.


Holds as many as five standard medicine cabinets. Ideal for storing small items you need easy access to but don’t want to clutter up valuable counter space, such as bathroom toiletries, makeup, spices, crafting supplies, etc.


Adjustable shelves and rods move up and down or be removed to adapt to your unique storage needs. Use all shelves to store small toiletries, or remove them to store tall items like gift wrap. The center shelf is fixed.


Declutter a messy countertop in minutes without sacrificing easy access to what you need. Items stored are easily accessible and highly visible—no need to dig through layers of stuff in the bathroom or kitchen cabinets & drawers.

Installation Requirements – Requires a minimum of 3.5″ of clearance between the center of each hinge pin and an adjacent wall. Requires a minimum of 2 hinges with removable hinge pins—mounts on the door’s side where the hinges are visible. Mounting on the non-hinge side of the door or the wall requires an adapter kit sold separately.

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